Islamic State will bring back scholarship and learning to Muslims, says UKM adjunct professor

By Abdul Ghani Nasir
BANGI, 1 Oct 2010 –  A Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) adjunct professor has called on every Muslim to understand and give the correct view of an Islamic State which would enable the pursuit of knowledge and scholarship be given its rightful position in society.

Prof Dato’ Dr Abang Abdullah Abang Ali, Adjunct Professor at the Institute of West Asian Studies (IKRAB) said an Islamic State can provide the atmosphere where learning and research in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) will thrive and only then can Islamic countries look forward to a future of successful development of those desciplines.

“After having succeeded in establishing the Islamic State (Daulah Islamiah) Muslim countries should strive to do away with the wasteful secular principles and practices, which has caused so much futile conflicts within the ummah.

“Focus should be given to the establishment of the Daulah Islamiah in its pure form which is a gift to mankind as a whole and not for Muslims only, as therein lies justice and equality, something not understood and unknown in this modern world,” he said.

Read more Here.


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