A 165-million-year-old fossil spider found in China

A 165-million-year-old fossil spider discovered in the Daohugou region of Northern China is one of the oldest fossil spider specimens found to date. Another noteworthy characteristic of this fossil is that, as can be seen in the picture, it is perfectly preserved. Paul Selden, a paleontologist from the University of Kansas, says, “The level of detail preserved in the fossils is amazing.” (Archeology Daily News)

As shown in the picture, this spider that lived 165 million years ago possessed all the features of those living today. Having remained unchanged for millions of years, spiders represent a huge dead-end for the theory of evolution. Spiders always appear with the same characteristics in the fossil record, and are one of the proofs that living things never evolved. The spider in the picture below is 165 million years old, and there is no difference between it and present-day spiders.



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