Be careful, Selangor — N.H. Chan

JAN 3 — Section 52 of the Selangor State Constitution states:

(1) There shall be constituted the offices of State Secretary, State Legal Adviser and State Financial Officer; and the appointments thereto shall be made by the appropriate Service Commission from amongst members of any of the relevant public services.

(2)(a) The State Secretary who shall be of the Malay race and profess the Muslim Religion, shall be the principal officer in charge of the administrative affairs of the State.

(b) The State Legal Adviser shall advice on legal matters referred to him by His Highness or the State Government.

(c) The State Financial Officer shall be the principal officer in charge of the financial affairs of the State.

(3) Every such official shall have the right to take part in the proceedings of the State Executive Council and the Legislative Assembly and may be appointed to any Committee thereof, but shall not have any vote in the State Executive Council or the Legislative Assembly or any such Committee.

(4) Before any such official first attends a meeting of the State Executive Council, he shall take and subscribe in the presence of the Menteri Besar the following Oath of Secrecy:

Oath of Secrecy

“I ………………………do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me in the course of my attending the State Executive Council except as may be required for the due discharge of my duties as such or as may be specially permitted by the State Executive Council”.


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